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instructors & black belts

Instructors & Black-Belts:


This is the official way to check who has been graded under Afghan Taekwon-Do Association and states the degrees for each person. All Dan Members are recognized and certified internationally.

All ITF certified Black Belts receive a large and small official I.T.F Certificate and tie pin. These certificates prove the Dan Members’ current grade; the status card proves that the Dan Member is currently an ITF member. These are the only credentials recognized by the ITF.

All Dan certificates are issued from ITF. Headquarters or Secretary General’s Office, under the leadership of Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa, 9th Degree Black Belt; the only son of late General Choi Hong Hi. Below is the sample of the certificates:

To verify ITF certificates, please click here.

Current Total Number of Black Belts (74)

Current ITF Certified Black Belts (60)

Please note that the below list is still incomplete

This list includes both the Dan Members who are either certified by ITF or by ATA.

V Degree Holders

1. Mr. Najmuddin Safi – ITF Certified

2. Mr. Karimbakhsh Walizada - ITF Certified

IV Degree Holders

1. Al-Haj Homayoon Mohammadzada - ITF Certified

2. Mr. Sarajuddin Safi - ITF Certified

3. Mr. Safiullah Safi - ITF Certified

III Degree Holders

1. Mr. Saifuddin Safi- ITF Certified

2. Mr. Sayed Qaharuddin Sadat- ITF Certified

II Degree Holders

1. Mr. Mohammad Naseer Amiri- ITF Certified

2. Mr. Mohammad Daud Azizi- ITF Certified

3. Mr. Mohammad Asif Nabard- ITF Certified

4. Mr. Sayed Rohullah- ITF Certified

5. Mr. Abdul Waris- ITF Certified

6. Mr. Abdul Nsir Dosti- ITF Certified

7. Mr. Farid Ahmad Qaderi- ITF Certified

8. Mr. Mohammad Fahim Maroufi- ITF Certified

9. Mr. Mohammad Mobin Wahedi- ITF Certified

10. Mr. Mohammad Wali Barakzai- ITF Certified

11. Mr. Nasir Ahmad Alamyar- ITF Certified

12. Mr. Said Mahmood Saidi- ITF Certified

13. Mr. Sayed Tawab Khoram- ITF Certified

14. Mr. Zakarya Qaderi- ITF Certified

15. Mr. Belaluddin Arif- ITF Certified

16. Mr. Mohammad Askar- ITF Certified

I Degree Holders

1. Mr. Sayed Haqiq Hashemi- ITF Certified

2. Mr. Mirwais Shams- ITF Certified

3. Mr. Mohammad Sharif- ITF Certified

4. Mr. Assadullah Nejrabi- ITF Certified

5. Mr. Fraidoon Husaini- ITF Certified

6. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Nawini- ITF Certified

7. Mr. Jamal Baseer Shirzai- ITF Certified

8. Mr. Noorullah Ghaznawi- ITF Certified

9. Mr. Farhad Habibi- ITF Certified

10. Mr. Mohammad Daud Kameli- ITF Certified

11. Mr. Fawad Ahmad Faizi- ITF Certified

12. Mr. Aziz Ahmad Fatehee- ITF Certified

13. Mr. Hekmatullah Ghaznawi- ITF Certified

14. Mr. Ghulam Rasool Rasool- ITF Certified

15. Mr. Shafiqullah Shahnaan- ITF Certified

16. Mr. Soharab Safi- ITF Certified

17. Mr. Sayed Zabihullah- ITF Certified

18. Mr. Ehsanullah Fazel- ITF Certified

19. Mr. Ahmad Seyar Naqid- ITF Certified

20. Mr. Azaad Sadiq- ITF Certified

21. Mr. Abdul Karim Sultani- ITF Certified

22. Mr. Alawuddin Sadeqi- ITF Certified

23. Mr. Assadullah Safi- ITF Certified

24. Mr. Bahram Rahimi- ITF Certified

25. Mr. Faridoon Sultani- ITF Certified

26. Mr. Jalil Ahmad Shirzad- ITF Certified

27. Mr. Kambaiz Azimi- ITF Certified

28. Mr. Khalil Ahmad Habibi- ITF Certified

29. Mr. Mirwais Juyanda Azami- ITF Certified

30. Mr. Mohammad Eshaq- ITF Certified

31. Mr. Mohammad Sharif Karimi- ITF Certified

32. Mr. Nasir Ahmad Ayoubi- ITF Certified

33. Mr. Nawid Ayoubi- ITF Certified

34. Mr. Ramin Shirzai- ITF Certified

35. Mr. Sadiq Safi- ITF Certified

36. Mr. Said Ahmad Sadiqi- ITF Certified

37. Mr. Said Muslim Hashimi- ITF Certified

38. Mr. Wais Azami- ITF Certified

39. Mr. Farid Ahmad Sedeqi

40. Mr. Esmatullah Ghaznawi

41. Mr. Wakil Ahmad

42. Mr. Mohammad Homayoon Nadim

43. Mr. Mohammad Bashir Amiri

44. Mr. Kambaiz

45. Mr. Mohammad Hashim

46. Mr. Rahimullah

47. Mr. Feda Mohammad

48. Mr. Ahmad Tawfiq Faizi-

49. Mr. Nazeer Ahmad Fatahee-

50. Mr. Mohammad Saber Sediqi

51. Mr. Ahmad Shuaib Azizi


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Afghan Taekwon-Do Associatio
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Afghan Taekwon-Do Associatio
-n's Vice President, Mr. Karimbakhsh Walizada, had the privilege. Read More..

Afghan Taekwon-Do Associatio
-n's Vice President, Mr. Karimbakhsh Walizada, had the privilege. Read More..